Aeolus has showcased its latest robot at CES and it’s the closest thing to a human housekeeper you’ll probably ever get.

At the moment, it’s purely a concept, so don’t go sacking your cleaner quite yet. But it can do everything you’d ever need from a home help, including hoovering (yes, it can hold and control the hoover), it can mop the floor and it can put things away in their right place by learning where everything fits in your home. Pretty useful, right?

Not only that, Aeolus can also serve as your very own security guard, learning the key parts of your and any other residents’ faces and recognising whether strangers are in your home. It can of course also move around your abode too, looking for evidence of other people or just guarding your home. If it thinks something is suspicious, it’ll let you know.

Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition is also supported, so you can give it voice commands whenever you want it to do something or use it to control the rest of your smart home features. All of this does make it an extremely useful assistant in your home, whether you just want some companionship or actually have the need for a robotic cleaner.

But all this does come in a pretty bulky package, so it’s probably not suitable for a one-bedroom flat or a studio because you may find there’s not enough space for it to manoeuvre about. But size aside, it should tend toy your every need. It’s just a shame it’s probably quite far away from becoming an actual commercial home robot.