It’s pretty important for drones to be robust because let’s face it, while you’re learning to fly one, it’s pretty likely you’ll crash it at some point.

The Aerodyne RC Nimbus 195 is one drone you’ll probably be thankful for if you’re a newbie, because it’s so strong, it can deal with being run over by a car.

Seriously. Because it has an exoskeleton design, rather than the flimsy components being mounted on the outside of the flying machine like other drones, it’s one of the strongest drones around. The way its exoskeleton works is pretty smart too. The manufacturer has varied the thickness of the chassis, between 1mm and 4mm according to how much stress each part is likely to come under.

This means even if a car runs over it, it’ll survive. Its arms are also well protected with the carbon fibre material too, so even if you crash it into a wall or something equally as hard, it won’t crumble.

It’s also waterproof because the components are hidden away inside the skeleton and the company has even gone as getting it IP54 rated and the materials used combined with its design mean it’s completely aerodynamic too, improving the flying experience for the user.

But this comes at quite a price. Just the chassis will cost from $160, but if you want to purchase the entire drone, you’ll have to stump up almost $500, making the machine quite an investment compared to other, less robust drones.

Aerodyne RC is currently appealing for $30,000 funding for the Nimbus 195 drone on Indiegogo and although has reached almost half of its goal, there’s only 12 days left for the company to raise another $20,000.