Although connecting every element of your home up to the internet is amazingly convenient, allowing you to switch the heating on when you’re not there, monitor who’s at the door, turn the lights on before you arrive home and much more, security is a huge concern.

AKITA has launched its privacy device that works with all of the connected elements of your home and secures them from the outside world, making sure no one can hack into your devices.

It connects to your router and continuously scans your home network for any strange goings on. If it detects anything unusual, it’ll shut down your entire network, preventing any virtual break-ins. Should someone manage to break in, AKITA has security experts via that can help you restore any data and privacy, getting you back up and running fast.

To work out whether something should be regarded as a threat or not, AKITA uses uses threat intelligence, behavioural analysis and machine learning to work out whether what’s happening is not the norm. It’ll get to know your habits and how you access the devices so there hopefully won’t be any false alarms.

AKITA doesn’t use Deep Packet Inspection, so no one at the company can access your data. In fact, it doesn’t look at any data at all and can’t read it even if someone at the company wanted to. Your privacy is always protected.

You can monitor the through traffic using the AKITA app, viewing when new devices are added to the network and how the devices connected are being used. It’ll show alerts when unusual activity is detected and gives you the option of calling a security expert whenever you need it.

AKITA is currently appealing for funding on Kickstarter, where it’s so far raised £65,000 – almost triple its £22,488 target.