Omate’s Yumi is the first robot to run on Android and Amazon’s Alexa AI platform, making it probably one of the smartest home robots around.

The cute bot transforms into anything you want it to be – from a personal assistant, to a hub for controlling and playing your music and the heart of your smart home, controlling all your gadgets from one place. It’s also a home security robot, using its camera to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there.

Yumi uses Amazon Alexa to understand your commands, whether you ask it for the latest news headlines, or are trying to find out what the weather’s going to be like over the next few days. It understands what you’re asking and will set off to find the answer to your questions using its human-like brain to find the most reliable source.

“We built the Alexa Voice Service so companies like Omate could bring their customers truly magical voice-experiences,” said Aaron Brown, Director of Amazon Alexa.

Aside from its AI talents, Omate’s Yumi robot also takes advantage of the wider Android platform too. You can install many Android apps onto the robot, whether you want to make a call using VoIP, use the internet, check your emails or play games. In fact, two million Android apps will work on the robot, making it an extension of your smartphone.

He can also control your entire home if you have the latest connectivity hooked up to your home network, such as lighting, heating and other appliances, to make managing everything in your home as easy as tapping a few virtual buttons.

Omate is appealing for funding on Indiegogo to help turn the idea into reality. For $599, you can be one of the first people ton welcome Yumi into your home, although you’ll have to be quick, because the company’s campaign is closing in a week.