In a world of modular robots, it’s almost impossible to find one that you can have up and running in minutes.

The Antbo has been innovated to help you create your very own teeny tiny robot in under an hour and it’s fully personalisable too. It’s styled like an insect, which might creep some people out, but we think it makes the little critter super-cute, swinging its little bottom as it struts along.

Antbo can be coded to do equally as cute things such as follow a path you input, play golf and show emotion by trembling when it feels threatened, just like a real person. It’s also curious about its surroundings and will look around when it wants to explore.

Any budding coders can programme Antbo using a visual interface called WhenDo on their iPad, moving the blocks to make him move, although more advanced tech heads can use other programming platforms such as Scratch to add more movements and commands.

You can add a range of different sensors too, if you want to add even more functionality, such as making him react to the temperature, proximity sensors to help him move through a maze without hitting the sides and more.

The robot is controlled via a smartphone or voice. It can also be forced to move using path control mode, which will set him off along a pre-determined path you’ve drawn for him to follow.

Antbo is available from Indiegogo and costs from $69 (£48), which makes him one of the cheapest make-you-own robot around. You can double up and get to for the discounted price of £$129 (£90) or get yourself a whole army of insect robots for $599 (£417).

Antbo is expected to become available to everyone from December this year, although those who back it via crowdfunding will receive theirs in November.