Automating anything in business brings a huge bonus – it means you can very easily grow your business as the mundane every day tasks can be handled automatically, without having to recruit new staff or use existing employees.

Celonis is the latest company to release its business process automation platform, allowing companies to instead focus on the important stuff that will help their business grow.

The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud allows business decision makers and project stakeholders to view and analyse the business processes in use in their organisation and then transform the way their employees are working to make it a lot more focused on transformation rather than business as usual (BAU).

“The process mining technology we pioneered disrupted what had previously been a manual, time-consuming and expensive consulting-driven approach,” said Alexander Rinke, Co-CEO, Celonis.

“With the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud our customers add an intelligent layer to their operational systems to drive business transformation. Now, with process mining technology entirely in the cloud, companies can much more rapidly jump-start their business transformation initiatives and capture the business value from significant boosts to productivity and efficiency.”

One of the major benefits of Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud is that it suggests how the business process can be adapted to help everyone work more efficiently. As part of the tool, the Celonis Action Engine uses machine learning to work out how a business can change its processes to the entire business – not just those directly working with BPA.

“I consider process mining an essential digital transformation aid for rapid process improvement in any company,” said Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement Practice at Ovum. “Effective customer engagement can only be delivered in the absence of organisational silos and where the underlying processes are integrated and add value to customers, consistently.

“What Celonis delivers is the ability to gain information across all operating systems and departments to quantify the impact of inefficiencies and inconsistencies and offer proactive actions to create a positive customer experience.”