CrazyPi is a robot creator board with many components, based upon the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. With its P2M cloud administrations, you can connect it and use it without a monitor or a screen, whether you’re in the vicinity or across the world.

For example, you can create your own surveillance camera or checking system. Make an IFTTT or custom-code your application to oversee things like monitor your home, pets or keep an eye on your children while you’re out.

With Linux and ROS pre-installed, you can remotely control uArm (Robotic arm), or use the camera to see what’s happening the entire time even from another city or country.

You can assemble your CrazyPi robot without using any drivers – just use the Ubuntu, ROS and robotic applications pre-installed to make it do things.

Because it uses 4G and P2M benefit, you can watch video streamed from CrazyPi from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have internet access.

CrazyPi also features a meteorology sensor, equipped for detecting temperature, moisture, air pressure, etc. All the data is visible on the web or via a companion app.

The robot features 16GB of storage capacity, CrazyPi’s intelligence fits into a small space – allowing you to safely tuck it inside your pocket.

You can interface CrazyPi by means with the remote control and stream continuously or by of Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth and even sound wave. This latter option means you can connect it to Wi-Fi easier or just talk to your phone to make the robot carry out its duties.

If you’re stuck without internet access, CrazyPi can act like a 4G hotspot thanks to its embedded 4G technology. This means you can also use it outside where there may not be a solid internet connection.

CrazyPi has surpassed its Kickstarter target of raising HK$ 200,000 (£19,723), still with three weeks to go. You can snap one up for just HK$ 193 (£19) for just the main board or upgrade for the whole package of components from HK$ 711 (£70) (super early bird offer).