Another day, another modular robot hits Kickstarter. Although Cuboid looks like the others in the pack, what’s special is its blocks communicate wirelessly between each other and it can be made into anything you like at all using Lego bricks.

Fancy a transformer-like vehicle? You got it. Want to make a plane? Just click the Lego blocks together and become a pilot for the day.

Cubroid works completely wirelessly, making it easier to connect the blocks and lego bricks together. No wires, no mess. Just let your imagination run wild.  It’s the same when working out what you want the robot to actually do, too.

Cubroid can be coded using MIT’s Scratch open source software to make it super-simple for children to turn the robot into whatever they wish it to be. If they want to make a fighter robot, that’s simple. If they just want it to creep along a table, that’s fine too.

Cubroid’s sensors and actuators are all just blocks that allow you to tag on more functions and then hide them using normal Lego bricks. There really is no limit to your creativity.

If you don’t feel quite ready to code using Scratch, you can opt to automate Cubroid’s actions instead. To do this, the pre-programmed master block can be used in auto mode, working with the sensors to do what you like. Although you won’t be able to carry out quite so many tasks this way, it’s designed to be an introduction to coding, with more advanced users moving on to Scratch mode when they’ve learnt the basics.

The company has so far raised more than five times its Kickstarter target of $10,000, with plenty of time still to go.  You can get your hands on the basic pack with a whopping 60 cubes for just $149, which seems a pretty good deal to us!