DXC Technology has launched its all-in-one business automation platform, delivering a spectrum of services based upon real-time data collection, analytics and AI. Its purpose is to speed up the time it takes organisations to complete everyday tasks, while also offering greater insights into the wider business.

DXC Bionix comprises three parts: using analytics and AI to provide real-time insights into the business and operations of a company, using data mining, machine learning and predictive intelligence to find ways to cut costs or foster innovation.

It introduces lean processes for businesses to use, getting rid of any inefficiencies in the company and the third element is automating tasks, processes and workflows to make teams more productive.

DXC Technology revealed that after using DXC Bionix, its clients have reported the time taken t transform business processes has reduced from 180 minutes to 15 minutes, while 71% incidents have been auto-resolved or auto-diagnosed without human intervention.

“Technology innovation and intelligent automation are rapidly changing the IT services business, and clients want to maximise performance and business outcomes from technology investments,” Stephen Hilton, DXC Technology’s executive vice president of global delivery explained.

“By bringing smart industrial engineering into our delivery processes, we can work in a highly dynamic, repeatable and scalable way to deliver exceptional and transformative solutions to our clients.”

By adopting artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, costs can be dramatically reduced, freeing up budget for businesses to instead focus their attentions on innovation rather than digitisation.

“Most end-user organisations don’t have a line item in their budgets for digital transformation, so DXC Bionix is welcome news because it will help DXC identify where cash can be freed up from existing IT operations and reapplied to fund its clients’ digital transformations,” IDC’s vice president of global services markets and trends, Gard Little said.