Fastbrick Robotics has developed a robot that can build an entire house in just two days, laying it brick-by-brick with expert precision.

Fastbrick developed the robot to address the shortage of manual labour resources, combined with demand for housing – challenges experienced across the world, not just in the company’s native Australia.

The company’s Hadrian X is the first robot designed to work outside to build homes and it’s a hefty piece of kit. Although there are plenty of other robots that can create a pre-fabricated home in a factory, this is the first one designed to build on-site.

It overcomes many of the challenges of building outside, such as unpredictable weather conditions, including high winds, extremely high or low temperatures and rain. This also means it’s more effective at building in grizzly conditions when workers would struggle to stay productive.

“Anything you can build inside a factory … we’re getting really, really good at,” Fastbrick CEO Mike Pivac explained. “Trouble is, nothing’s happening outdoors.”

Hadrian X works using Dynamic Stabilization Technology, which measures environmental conditions and then accounts for them in real time. Sites are modelled using a CAD system and then built with an error margin of just 1mm.

Not only does this mean the buildings it constructs are comparable in quality to those built by professional masons, but it also reduces wastage and means it’s safer for workers that don’t have to lay bricks at the top of sites.

“We’re … helping people transition into smarter jobs, safer jobs. Jobs that people can actually work in until they retire,” Pivac added.