Guardrobot has launched a security robot that can patrol all types of terrain and swim in water. The spherical robot, which looks more like a buoy rather than a security camera, can swim up to 3mph, or travel across any surface up to 9mph.

It uses a patented drive mechanism that works in a similar way to a gyroscope. The pendulum swings to propel the robot forwards, backwards by changing the centre of gravity, or even help it turn 360 degrees for complete manoeuvrability.

Guardbot is available in a range of sizes, from 5-inches, all the way up to 7ft in diameter, although the larger sizes may not be as suited to the more sensitive surveillance missions. Its battery can last for up to 25 hours thanks to its unique way of propulsion, although if it’s stationary, the battery can last for 45 hours.

It also packs in a whole load of sensors, including two cameras, GPS and a sound sensor, so it can detect any changes that could suggest intruders. It can then transmit its findings back to base in real time, with its integrated communications module.

“Guardbot was initially conceived for a planetary mission on Mars, and can operate in many demanding situations, as it can travel on paved road, off-road, sand, snow, sloped surfaces, and in water, where it can navigate upstream,” the company said. “Guardbot is designed for mission operations in broadcasting, surveillance, security, and detection.”

Guardbot explained it’s already had some interest from the military, although it hasn’t revealed how or where it in the world will be used.