HEXA is a six-legged, programmable robot loaded with sensors that will fit in your bag and can be adapted to do whatever you’d like it to do – whether creep people out with its insect-like qualities or keep tabs on your home when you’re not there.

It can also watch and learn from its owner and its surroundings using spatial sensors including a 720p camera, infrared transmitter, a 3-axis accelerometer and distance measuring sensor. So it won’t walk into obstacles and will get to know where everything is in your living room (unless you decide to rearrange the furniture, of course).

HEXA works alongside Vincross’ MIND OS and SDK, which is built upon the Linux kernel, but completely optimised for a robot. You can programme the robot to move in a certain way using either a Golang-powered SDK or a sandbox-style 3D Simulator.

Using the MIND Skills Store, you can share your programming skills with others, bouncing ideas around and making your HEXA the most advanced in the world.

Although HEXA has been around for a while as a concept, the company behind it is just about to close a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to bring down the cost of the device for fans and put it into mass production. With 20 days to go, it’s raised over $160,000, meaning this little critter will become a reality in the very near future.

You can support the campaign and get your hands on a HEXA for just $499 (£389) – half the final RRP of the robot when it launches commercially.

“For the past three years, we’ve been building the hardware and software for HEXA and MIND,” the company explained on its Kickstarter page. “We’ve gone through countless iterations. We’ve built from scratch our own motors for HEXA, our own joints for the legs. The list goes on. And now, we’re ready to take it mainstream!”