What claims to be the world’s first autonomous underwater drone has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to become a reality.

The iBubble has started funding today on Indiegogo, taking quality photography underwater. Punters can preorder the second iteration of the swimming machine that can be controlled using a specially developed bracelet, meaning you can leave your smartphone and waterproof casing behind.

The light device features a GoPro camera that switches on as soon as it touches the water. It’s got a one-hour battery life, but batteries are easily interchangeable if you start to run out of juice while you’re filming.

iBubble can be used up to 230 feet underwater and features integrated LEDs that adapt to your lighting conditions and visibility, making sure your footage is always the best quality possible.

The drone is handsfree, automonous and follows you wherever you go, making sure you never lose it or get lost. Not only is iBubble fun to use, it will also keep you and itself safe. It automatically resurfaces when its battery runs out to make sure it doesn’t run out of juice while you’re 100 feet under the sea.

You can play video instantly, share it or just use it to enjoy your dive and see what you experienced underwater. Alternatively, you can use the video to see how to improve your technique if you’re hoping to become a diving pro.

The company claims it can be used for Scuba trips as well as free dives, making it a totally flexible solution for anyone who loves to spend their time underwater, whatever their diving expertise.