The Kudrone, an Indiegogo-funded microdrone, has just started shipping according to the Chinese manufacturer behind the flying camera, although it is two months late leaving the company’s Chinese manufacturing plant. The Kudrone raised 2460% of its target at the beginning of the year, meaning it had a whopping $1,381,648 (£1,047,289) to play with.

The drone was available to pre-order for a little over $100 on the crowdfunding platform, claiming to be “the most affordable and powerful, smart nano-drone.”

Its features certainly didn’t disappoint the thousands of people flocking to buy one. Equipped with a 4k camera, the Kudrone also features GPS, intelligent vision sensors, 3-axis gyro accelerometer, magnetic compass, and barometer to make sure shots are as shake-free and level as possible. The photos and videos are immediately synched to your smartphone, ready to share with the world too.

It’ll fly for 8 minutes on its 650mAh micro-battery, but it’s easy to just swap it out for a newly charged one if you find you run out of juice while you’re circling the skies.

Although Kudrone isn’t the smallest drone on the market (the Micro Drone 3.0 measures a teeny tiny 172.5×172.5x50mm), its camera is way above its rivals, taking snaps at a resolution of 13-megapixels compared to the Micro Drone’s 1 megapixel and the much larger DJI Mavic Pro‘s 12 megapixels.

If autofollow is an important feature for you, you won’t miss out with the Kudrone. Although it’s one of the cheapest drones around, autofollow is certainly one of its most impressive features, allowing you to record footage continuously and stream it in real time to your phone or stream it on your social networks.

The KuDrone is controlled via an intuitive iOS or Android app, showing the status of the drone’s battery, GPS connection and other sensors, remaining storage on the device’s memory, alongside the controller.