Robotics software firm Micropsi Industries has raised $6m to develop its robotic control software and fund a launch of the tech across the US and Europe.

The company’s technology enables robot arms, commonly used in manufacturing, to learn skills that are difficult for humans to carry out. Its most well-known software is Mirai, a sensor-powered software stack that uses a controller box, camera and sensors to teach robots new skills, learning from humans.

This AI-powered tech makes it more efficient to run equipment and expands how robots can be used in industrial applications. This significantly speeds up the time it takes to produce goods in factories, allowing them to up production and increase revenues.

“We are looking forward to bringing our cutting-edge AI technology to the U.S. and European markets so companies can design and deliver more consistent quality in their production systems,” said Ronnie Vuine, founder and CEO, Micropsi Industries. “With Mirai customers can put robots to work in entirely new fields — robots that are trained and not programmed, which will save both time and cost.”

The funding round was led by Berlin-based investor Project A, which will join previous investors Coparion and Vito Ventures to fund the next stage of Micropsi Industries’ business.

“We believe Micropsi Industries’ disruptive AI technology fills a critical gap in the industrial robotics industry — making it cheaper and faster to deploy and redeploy robots to take on complex movements that might otherwise be impossible,” said Uwe Horstmann, general partner, Project A.

“We see enormous market opportunities for the company and are looking forward to supporting the leadership team as they build a great company and expand their footprint, globally.”