If you want to install smart blinds into your home, it can be quite a pricey installation, with the majority of solutions setting you bak hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds for just a single room. However, MySmartBlinds is a smart solution that will turn standard blinds into automated window coverings.

Available for just $100 (£75), the kit transfers your regular pull blinds into fully-automated blinds that can be controlled by your smartphone.

They work by replacing the the tit function on your existing pull cord blinds with a motor instead. This does mean they won’t work with cordless blinds or roller blinds – only those with wooden or fabric strips that tilt to open and close.

he company says it only takes five minutes to turn your window coverings into fully-automated blinds, although if you want to fully open and close them, this won’t work and you’ll still have to use the pull cords t open them fully.

After you have added the motor, you can download the MySmartBlinds app to set times to open and close the blinds (for example, when it starts getting light, even if you’re at work, or when it starts to get dark, so people can’t peek into your unoccupied home at night).

The company has also just introduced an additional feature, which reacts to light levels outside. When it starts getting dark, they’ll close automatically. Or, you can opt to have the blinds close when the temperature drops (or rises) to a certain temperature to keep the warm in, or heat out.

At the moment, the product only seems to be available in the US, but we hope it makes its way over to our shores soon. After all, for around £75, it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying bespoke-crafted, standalone smart blinds.