Connected vacuum cleaner firm Neato has introduced coverage maps to its entire portfolio of connected vacuum cleaners, so users can see what the robotic vacuum has been up to while they’ve been out of the house.

Coverage maps are now included as part of the Botvac D3 and D5 Connected machine apps, showing which parts of their home have been cleaned and other statistics about the areas, such as obstacles that got in the way. Previously, the feature was only reserved for the company’s top-of-the-range Connected model, but it proved so popular, it’s now available on all three smart versions.

The feature can be added by users just by updating their vacuum to the latest app update (version 2.1) and then beam the update to the robot over-the-air. Although announced at IFA at the beginning of the year, Neato said it’s only just perfected the coverage maps and so it launching the feature before the Christmas cleaning rush.

Neato’s Botvacs aren’t just another fad. They’re a pretty smart concept, supporting Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Watch and the Neato Chatbot for Facebook and IFTTT for a completely connected experience.

They use spinning infrared lasers to map your home and navigate around, avoiding obstacles as they clean. The Botvac D5 Connected can cover an area of up to 4,500 square feet on three laps around your home and if it starts running out of battery, it will autonomously recharge itself and carry on cleaning where it left off.

You can schedule a clean for a time you’re not in to make sure it can clean without disturbance and the vacuum will work its way around your rooms, making sure it’s clean for when you get home.