BIG-i may look like an unassuming piece of kit, but the Chinese company behind this robot claims he can really get to know you, including recognising your face, understanding your behaviour and service your every need, even if you have some rather unique requirements.

He’ll learn who you talk to and what about, when you speak to them and everything else about your relationships. He’ll form a hierarchy of relationships and prioritise his tasks to keep those most important to you high up on his to do list.

Nxrobo, the company behind BIG-i, want him to become the most advanced home robot out there and they’ve started doing this with his smart programming that doesn’t just recognise things, but understands them.

For example, if he sees your child picking up a piece of dirty fruit, he’ll know that child needs to wash it before eating so he or she doesn’t get ill. He’ll then tell the child to put the fruit under the tap and wash his or her hands before taking a bite.

BIG-i is a two-foot cylindrical being, with a single eye at the top, right in the middle. It’s this eye that tracks everything going on via his intelligent` programing, face recognition and motion tracking. He’ll quickly learn what you like, what you don’t and your routine, suggesting ways he can help you to make your life easier.

He’s covered in a soft fabric material so not only is he safe for your family to be around, he won’t make any marks on your walls if he accidentally bumps into one when he’s cruising around your home.

BIG-i is also your phone. If a call comes in (and he’ll know whether it’s important or not), he’ll come and find you, ask if you want to take the call and then transform into the phone so you don’t need tpo hunt around for your device yourself.