We’ve heard a lot about robotic dogs of late – some that sniff out your feet to see if they smell, while others will guard your home or act as your companion. However,we think it’s about time cats got their slice of the robotic action, so we’re happy to see Japanese company Yukai Engineering has developed a robotic cat.

However, Qoobo isn’t just another companion that will service your every need, but instead, a comfy pillow that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy as you stroke it.

The pillow isn’t designed to lay your weary head on, but instead, for healing through the medium of touch. Stroke the pillow as if it’s a real cat and it will purr and wag its tail in response to your touches, making you feel instantly happier, apparently. It’ll react in this way thanks to an accelerometer embedded into the main part of the cushion, which measures the pressure and frequency of strokes to compute how to react.

Yes, Qoobo just looks like a fluffy pillow with a tail, but there’s scientific proof that says stroking a cat can have remarkable results when you’re feeling a little low.

And the best thing? There’s no litter tray emptying, stench of cat food or fur to clean up after having a cuddle with the robot. At $100, it’ll also cost a lot less than servicing a cat for its lifetime and those with allergies – well, it’s the perfect companion.

After raising funds via crowdfunding, Yukai Engineering’s Qoobo will be available from June next year in “husky gray” and “french brown” to perfectly match your home’s interior.