Travelmate has launched a suitcase that could make your traveling experience less stressful and less likely to break your back.

Not only does the suitcase roll itself, so you don’t even need to lay a finger on it, it can also plan the best route around its environment.

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of losing your suitcase on a flight or have had one stolen, you’ll know how much of a relief it is when that luggage is found. The Travelmate suitcase is so intelligent, it knows when it’s lost or stolen thanks to built-in GPS and so will attempt to find its way back to its owner.

You can track exactly where it is too, with a companion app for Android and iOS (unless of course, your phone is in the suitcase).

“We’ve made a robot that can learn on the fly in real time, navigate complicated obstacles and even become something that you trust and have affection for,” the company said.

“We’ve made a robot that doesn’t look like something from Terminator or from the Matrix. Instead, it’s a practical companion that helps you and acts as an extension of yourself. One that you have full control of. We’ve created a robot with a form that is comfortable, in the sense that it’s easy to travel with it and it will carry your belongings for you.”

The company went on to explain that it could also be used in professional applications too, such as carrying equipment for patients in medical settings or helping transport goods in office environments.

“In disaster areas or emergency situations, it can act as a mobile laboratory for local relief efforts. It can carry stuff for everyone from students to pensioners,” it added.

The Travelmate is available for $399 (£319) from Indiegogo.