Researchers at Tohoku University and National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College, in Japan have developed a firefighting water robot that makes it a lot safer to put out fires in large buildings.

Often, fires happen in hard to reach places, especially If we’re talking tower block fires. This makes it dangerous for firefighters to attend, even if they’re properly trained. Of course, using a tower to reach heights and pouring water from the outside in is one options, but it doesn’t get into the heart of the fire and usually, it’s too dangerous to venture into such infernos.

This robot, however, is shaped like a hose and can slither into dangerous areas, carrying and directing water wherever it’s needed. It can fit through small gaps and fire high pressure jets of water at the fire.

It can also use these jets of water to push itself up into a higher position if it needs to tackle the fire from above, making it an extremely flexible solution for putting out fires.

Each of the nozzles positioned along the snake can work independently, ensuring the fire can be eradicated from all angles.

Of course, because so much water will be flying everywhere, the snake will keep itself cool too, meaning it won’t melt or burn.

It can even uncover the source of the fire, sniffing it out and fighting the cause rather than just the spread. This makes for a much more effective way of putting the inferno out.