Robotic Vacuum cleaners have come along way in the past few years. Here we select the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C as the best option if you are looking to have an easy to use and well priced home cleaning assistant.

What we like: Battery life: No doubting the 30C hits the claims on charge time happily going 100 minutes between charges. If it’s running low, it’ll find its way back to it’s charging dock for a boost. Voice control: The 30C integrates with Alexa and Goggle Home – so you can easily send it off for a spot of focussed cleaning, really simple. The app: (Android and iOS) Nicely designed UI let’s you set the 30C off on its mission from anywhere. Ideal if you’ve gone to the pub and what a nice clean home to come back to. Surfaces: The 30C cope well with tiles and carpets, the latter taking up more power, draining the battery quicker. You can also set zones or boundaries where it won’t go a clean, useful if you’re doing a puzzle on the floor or have lots of cables about etc. Price: at $299.99/£269.99 on Amazon its compares very well to the competition.

What we don’t like: Not much – although it can’t climb or vacuum on stairs. Stretching capabilities to give stubborn floor marks a wash would be nice but that’s probably a feature too far.