Automated security isn’t a new thing and the majority of devices launching on the market aren’t particularly unique. But Initium Labs’ Securmate uses your existing house wireless network to protect your home, making it super-easy to set up and monitor and the company’s smashed its £750 target on Kickstarter.

Most security systems need a hub to act as the central communication point,  which offers hackers a way in and increases chances of failure. Securmate doesn’t need a hub to operate, connecting to the cloud directly from your Wi-Fi network. Just add the sensors to your doors, switch it on using the smartphone app and hey presto! your home is protected.

You can also hook up other devices to Securmate using IFTTT, making it a scalable solution that can monitor everything in your home as well as the doors. For example, if you have security cameras installed in your home, you can specify they start recording as soon as a door is opened.

“With current security and home automation solutions, you are often given pre-canned solutions that may or may not work for your needs,” the company explained. “By connecting Securmate with IFTTT, you can access a wide variety of other products and use cases, so you have a system that fits your lifestyle and needs.”

When someone attempts to break in or fiddles with your other smart home devices if you’ve set up the IFTTT integration, you’ll receive push notifications to your phone, while others set up on the system (such as friends, family or neighbours you trust) will receive an email alerting them that the sensors have been triggered.

The app’s dashboard will show you quickly the status of your home security system, such as battery status for particular sensors, when the data was last updated and the Wi-Fi signal strength so you can make sure the network of sensors is working correctly. It’ll also show you a timeline of each sensor’s activity, so when the doors were opened or closed.