SnapLogic and GitHub have teamed up to offer an automation and DevOps integration that will help software developers automate their software delivery processes.

The joint solution, which will combine GitHub’s Cloud with support for the Mesosphere container platform means developers can host SnapLogic’s tools, pipelines and processes created on GitHub, saving time and effort. Automating container management makes it much faster to develop applications and services so businesses no longer need to setup the tools to deploy their creations.

SnapLogic has also update its Iris AI technology that enables customers to create integration pipelines easier than before. Now, customers can build their integration workflows from the last component, rather than having to implement them from the first “Snap”. An integration assistant would automate the pipeline between the first and last Snaps, allowing DevOps teams to work on new software releases rather than managing the pipelines.

“As shipping reliable software in a timely manner increasingly becomes a business imperative and competitive differentiator, enterprises must automate business processes, migrate to the cloud, adopt agile frameworks, and improve collaboration between IT teams,” said Craig Stewart, VP Product Management at SnapLogic.

“With our latest platform updates, we’re looking ahead of the curve to provide an innovative product that provides citizen developers with the glue needed to streamline the software development life cycle.”

SnapLogic has also announced its Patterns Catalogue, comprising pre-made pipelines will be available to the entire SnapLogic community rather than just enterprise customers. This also means that other members of the community can contribute patterns they’ve created to widen the use cases among users.