Although T-Bots have been around for quite some time, their creator, KLiK Robotics, has developed a revamped version of the two-wheeled robots with a completely transparent chassis. The new T-BOT has been created using laser cutting and finely formed injection moulds.

The updated version of KLiK Robotic’s has still been designed to educate young people (and those older who have had no contact with robotics) to help them understand how robotics works. The previous version allowed you to create your own skin and this is no different, allowing its owner to create whatever they like from the ore components.

The T-Bots integrate a range of different technologies and sensors to keep them upright, including accelerometers and a gyroscope that measure the tilt of the body at all times and correct its stature so it will never fall over.

Other smart tech built into T-Bot are eyes that can measure distances, meaning you can integrate this smart feature into the applications you develop for T-BOT. T-BOTs can also communicate with each other and have an in-built obstacle avoidance systems so they won’t bump into each other as they’re whizzing around.

“Our T-Bots are designed to inspire and introduce the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technologists to the world of robotics,” the company said. “One of the most exciting advances in robotics is dynamic stabilisation. This is fancy terminology for actively stabilising things that want to fall over.

During the first stage of T-BOT’s fundraising on Kickstarter, it was selling the robots for £45 each. This latest round bumps that price up to £75, but the good news? There are 50 transparent T-BOTs ready to ship straight away, with the rest following in December – just in time for Christmas.