It may be small, but that doesn’t mean the Trailer Valet doesn’t pack in some strength. The robotic vacuum-sized robot can tow boats, caravans and more, hitching up to a normal car tow bar and pulling the vehicle along with ease.

The Trailer Valet RVR looks like a mini-tank, weighing just 35kg. You simply attach it to the item you want to tow and use the remote control to move it effortlessly, from place to place.

Although the Trailer Valet VR isn’t really suitable for towing your boat, trailer or caravan on the road, it’s super-accurate, making it an easy way to move the caravan’s position in a caravan park, or moving a boat into position where a car wouldn’t fit.

“With an RVR, everyone who owns a trailer can easily manoeuvre [it] wherever they need, with the luxury of standing back and controlling from any angle they wish,” Buck told Digital Trends. “Most of our customers use their Trailer Valet when fishing, camping, traveling, or when moving trailers all day at work.”

It can rotate up to 360 degrees, even on tough terrain, with caterpillar wheels that give it extra grip as it’s towing heavy items around. The model comprises between two and four planetary motors, depending on the size of the trailer you’re towing, packed inside a light aluminium body for easy movement. A rechargeable with a lithium battery powers the Trailer Valet VR to keep it juiced up, whatever you’re towing.

The Trailer Valet VR is available to buy now in three different versions. The RVR3 model costs $2,100, towing a maximum of 1.6 tons, the RVR5 costs $3,400 and can tow 2.2 tons, while the top of the range model, the RVR9 can tow a whopping 4 ton and will set you back an equally large $4,100.