Up&Go takes the camera drone to a new level, making sure your flying machine lands safely in your hand, while capturing the action from all angles.

The quadcopter has five modes to help you get the best footage of your life. Pan makes the drone move up and down, Slide moves id from left to right and vice versa, hover stays in the same place while you move around, pivot films everything around you in a circle, while follow just follows behind you as you move forward.

The camera itself records everything in 1080p resolution at a rate of 120fps, making for some pretty awesome footage. It will take stills at a resolution of 12-megapixels too, although this is nothing spectacular compared to a smartphone. There’s no problem if you run our of battery – just pop in another battery and away you go thanks to the interchangeable battery slot and its carbon fibre frame is ultra-durable, just in case you do drop it on your adventures.

Everything is controlled by a GPS-enabled watch that includes pre-programmed movements, making it even easier to control than other drones that need a complicated combination of hand-steadying to make the machines fly in a stable way. The controller’s battery will also last longer than a smartphone and it’s totally waterproof, so you can film water-based activities if you so wish.

When you’ve had enough of filming, you can tell the drone to return and it’ll land perfectly softly into your hand. This means there’s no worry of it crash landing down to earth, or into a pond if your landing skills aren’t quite up to scratch.

The Up&Go drone won’t break the bank either because it’s currently available for $299 (£228) in the flash sale on Indiegogo.