Probably one of the cutest robots to be seen on the show floor at CES was the WowWee Chip robotic dog, which would seemingly be every child’s dream pet.

The WowWee Chip – which actually stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet rather than just being a cute name for a dog – can do almost everything a real dog can do, including chasing a ball and interacting with its owner with its very personality.

The Bluetooth-enabled ball can be used to play a whole range of games including fetch and football, or you can just set Chip to follow you around like a real dog.

When Chip gets tired, he’ll head, by himself, to his bed, which doubles up as a charging station. After recharging, he’ll be ready to play some more and entertain everyone who comes across him.

WowWee’s Chip will cost $199 when it’s released later this year and it’s sure to attract pretty much every age group – after all, who can avoid those beautiful, soppy, computerised eyeballs?

WowWee also debuted two other robotic beings at CES. The LUMI drone has been designed for gaming rather than just shooting round the skies, while the R.E.V AIR joins the company’s Robotic Enhanced Vehicle battle-game platform to generate engaging gameplay between a flying quadcopter and an AI ground vehicle.

These three new innovations aim to set out WowWee’s goals for 2016: to explore new AI technologies, while bringing fun to every home.

“WowWee’s goals for 2016 will continue on its path of providing innovation with proprietary technology in order to deliver exciting experiences to robotics and youth electronics,” WowWee Canada President Richard Yanofsky said.

“The company is securely positioned to continue its delivery of ground-breaking product through its own R&D efforts, in addition to working with a vast network of cutting-edge tech partners.”