Airblock has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough money to start producing its water, road and sky drone.

The magnetic modular pieces can be snapped together to switch between a flying hexacopter or triangle drone, a hovercraft or a vehicle that can move along paths and roads.

The central block is the brains of the robot, with the rotors and outer parts clipping on when you need to change its configuration. Because t’s made of foam and the rotors are protected by a hexagonal outer coating, it’s safe and super-durable too.

Airblock is programmed using an iPad app that can be used by people of all ages and expertise to change how the robot moves.

“Programming is the language of the future, and many are starting to learn at a young age because it also helps to develop logical thinking and problem solving,” Airblock explained.

“Imagine a cool stunt and have it become a reality with the Makeblock app. It’s simple to use. Simply drag-and-drop different blocks of commands — like forward, pause, turn, and forward–and connect them together to create a seamless action.”

Airblock can also be used to power other creations, including Lego-based robots and even with household items such as paper cups (there’s an awesome demo on the company’s Kickstarter page).

Once you’ve made a robot, you can either just fly it, race it or float it, or make even more exciting applications for it, such as air battles.

It seems it’s not just us interested in the capabilities of the modular robot, but everyone is, with the company stretching beyond its goal of $100,000 funding, raising more than $500,000 to date.

Each Airblock is available from $89 as a super early bird offer, or $149 if you miss the Kickstarter campaign and want to buy one when it hits the shelves next year.