The world’s biggest consumer technology show, CES, is over for another year and it’s no surprise there was some pretty cool technology popping up over the week. We round up the top robots and drones we saw at CES this year.

Audi and Nvidia’s AI-powered car

Audi and Nvidia announced they would be teaming up to launch a car powered by AI. Although Audi‘s already announced it’s working on an automated car that tells you when to stop and go, this tie-up would mean it’ll feature Nvidia’s deep learning supercomputer Xavier, making it even smarter than we first assumed.

BMW automated 5 Series

BMW announced it would be launching an autonomous version of its 5- Series car, which isn’t just a self-driving car, but offers enhanced entertainment and navigation with its Microsoft Cortana and Open Mobility Cloud integrations to give passengers something to do while it’s navigating through traffic.

Bosch automated parking concept

Bosch showed off its new parking technology that would not only help drivers find a space big enough for the vehicle using onboard sensors, and then parks the car for you, it also sends data back to a database that helps others find parking spaces too.

Ford’s self-driving car range

Ford showcased an entire range of autonomous cars, including its hybrid self-driving concepts. New cars included a hybrid Mustang, F-150 pick-up and electric SUV, on top of the models we expect to be launching by 2020.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota revealed details of its Concept-i car at CES this year, which is its idea of what a car will look like in 2030. It certainly does look like a car from the future and we wouldn’t expect to see it on the roads anytime soon, but its Yui artificial intelligence tech could appear in cars sooner than 2030, which is when Toyota expects a car like this to hit the roads.


Airblock’s modular robot was announced last year, but it was certainly one of the highlights of CES 2017. It’s super-easy to programme with a companion iPad app and it can be flown through the air or can swim through water, depending on what you want to do with it.

Propel’s Star Wars Drones

Propel’s Star Wars series of drones was one of the stars of CES, but maybe because of its relevancy with the release of Rogue One in cinemas. The fully-functioning drones are replicas of some of the Star Wars aircraft and can be used to patrol the skies or in battle mode with other Star Wars drones.

PowerUp paper drone

PowerUp’s drones demonstrated the power of paper at CES. Although they were announced a while ago, in the flesh, they’re even more impressive, with a range of templates you can hook up to the main unit, or alternatively, you can design them yourselves to make the ultimate personalised flying machine.


PowerVision’s PowerRay drone is the ultimate underwater fishing companion, navigating around the water to find fish and help you catch them. Although there are loads of fishing companions launching, PowerVision is one of the most impressive, we think.


With his cute little face and bobbing along to music, it’s no surprise Kuri made it onto a top robots of CES feature. He’ll charm you with his unique personality and make you want to breed the little critters instead of growing your human family.

Mattel Aristotle

Want to teach your kids a thing or two? Mattel’s Aristotle will do just that. It can answer questions from your kids when you’re long bored of satisfying their curiosity and can entertain them with games when you need to get on with other things around the house.

LG Hub Robot

If you want to control your entire smart home, LG’s Hub Robot could be your new best friend. It will connect with everything, including your smart fridge, washing machine, heating system and much more. If you don’t have connected devices in your home though, it’ll still control your music and pretty much do the same as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Ubtech and Amazon’s Lynx

Ubtech and Amazon have partnered on the Lynx robot, which looks more like a human than other robots on show at CES and it’s super smart thanks to Amazon’s voice recognition tech.  It can recognise your face and act accordingly, whether that’s reminding you of your schedule, playing music you like or live streaming what you’re doing.