Mattel has taken Amazon’s Echo tech and ported it to a robot that’s designed to keep an eye on your children, protecting them and playing with them while you can’t.

It uses Amazon Alexa to operate, answering demands just like Amazon’s own robotic assistant, but is more intelligent, designed specifically for children.

You can also use it to order more nappies from a number of stores (US-based at the moment) if you run out halfway through a nappy change and can answer questions posed by the more curious child, whether they want to know why the world is round or what the weather will be like today.

Other smart features to help parents respond to their child’s every demand include automatically detecting when a baby wakes up, then soothing them back to sleep with a favourite lullaby, white noise or night light.

It can log when a baby has a wet nappy or when they need a feed, making it a whole lot less confusing when you’re a new parent and are feeding your baby every few hours plus reporting to your health visitor how many wees your baby does a day).

Mattel Aristotle will also play games with older children, including guessing games and can read aloud, adding in noises and light displays to keep children entertained. Its educational features include teaching the alphabet and numbers and when to say please and thank you if you want to train your child to be polite.

For older children, Aristotle can even teach languages and help them with homework – making it an essential for every family home of the future.

Perhaps surprisingly, Mattel Aristotle uses more of Microsoft’s machine learning tech rather than Amazon.