If you weren’t taken by last year’s Star-Wars themes robot, Sphero’s BB8, how about getting your hands on Propel’s battling drone launched alongside the new blockbuster, Rogue One.

The range of three £230 drones lead on from Propel’s much cheaper Batman micro drone. There’s the X-Wing, TIE Advanced X1 fighter and a 74-Z Speeder Bike, which all fly around the skies, operated with the rather basic controller.

Although not particularly groundbreaking, offering up nothing more than a touch of fun, Propel’s drones are the ultimate accessory for Star Wars collectors and fanatics.

However, there is a barometer onboard that can sense atmospheric change, so they can hover on their own if you’re not confident controlling the altitude, especially in challenging conditions. They have an auto takeoff and landing mode for newbies too, making it less likely you’ll crash land on the ground.

If your mates also have a Propel Star Wars-inspired drone, you can opt to battle it out in the skies with lasers that can be fitted to the drones, allowing you to take part in your very own sky fight. When this laser hits a competitor’s drone, it will force them to wobble in the air. Three strikes and it’ll send them back down to earth (although not as dramatic as you’d see in the movies because there’s no fun in destroying a £230 drone, right?).

If you’re not quite ready to take on your enemies in real life, you can opt to fly the drones in virtual trainer mode without destroying anyone else’s machine.

Propel is planing to launch a Millennium Falcon in the future and when that becomes available, we can see it flying off the shelves (excuse the pun) but until then, you’re pretty limited with these three lesser-known flying machines.