PowerUp has released its paper drone, which takes the paper aeroplane to a whole new level.

Not only can the drone be controlled from a smartphone to hoot around the skies, but you can also hitch a ride on the drone using virtual reality and then control it around the skies using head movements.

To do this, you just need to insert your smartphone into the first-person view headset, use your existing VR headset or Google Cardboard and away you go!

If you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can control the drone just using your smartphone as a controller. But just because its chassis is made of paper or cardboard doesn’t mean the PowerUP is lacking features.

In fact, it’s as high-performing as much more expensive drones, recording video at a speed of 30fps from 300 feet. This video can be live streamed and recorded for sending onto your friends. You can also take stills with the wide-angle camera to give a birds-eye view of the world. Audio is also supported, just in case you come across a rare breed of bird in the skies and want to record their call.

PowerUp is encouraging its owners to create their own drone design, rather than just sticking to the predefined template. Different designs have different skills too, such as aerobatics, extra speed or better gliding.

Each package ships with the twin motor module, 6 pages of templates and three aeroplane designs, a 55omAh battery module, a stand to help you calibrate the flying machine, propellers and a spare rubber bumper, just in case it crash lands. There’s also a propeller guard for safety, the viewer for VR flying and a microUSB cable for charging.