Ubtech and Amazon have joined forces to build a robot integrating the tech giant’s Alexa voice recognition technology, transforming into a personal assistant, yoga trainer or any other companion you wish it to be.

The human-like robot combines Ubtech’s experience of robotics, which it has previously integrated into its Alpha and Jimu innovations together with Amazon Alexa, which the company claims results in a “lifelike human-to-robot interface.”

“Lynx combines unprecedented intelligence and robotics into one consumer-friendly platform,” said John Rhee, general manager of Ubtech North America.

“Integrating with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service is a perfect match for Lynx’s unparalleled facial, image and voice recognition, emotion detection, and lifelike robotic movement, seamlessly woven together for a truly humanlike experience.”

Lynx looks more like a human than Ubtech’s other robots and its talents extend further too. Its highlight features are the ability to recognise who it’s interacting with to change how it acts accordingly, start playing music from a variety of sources such as Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn and make and take video calls using built-in VoIP.

It will also manage your tasks and calendar reminders, making sure you’re in the right place at the right time, taking care of your diary to make sure everyone who needs to be in a meeting is invited.

Lynx will also keep tabs on your home when you’re not there, with its built-in camera. Lynx Follow Me can also track what you’re doing when it’s by your side, taking photos, videos or live streaming you activities and if you often shop online, it will help you find the best deals.

“Using Lynx, customers will be able to ask Alexa to help with a host of daily tasks to make their day a bit easier – whether it’s setting reminders, playing music, or finding out what the weather will look like tomorrow,” said Aaron Brown, director of Amazon Alexa.

Lynx will be available to buy in the next few months, although the company hasn’t revealed how much it’ll cost.