If you’re feeling under-appreciated and a little down in the dumps, you might find this Kickstarter campaign is offering just what you need to get your positivity back.

The $4,500 Big Clapper robot only has one purpose – to make you feel a million dollars, applauding your efforts, whatever they may be and clapping your way to happy freedom.

The robot has been developed by a Japanese company and its described as “Spreading Happiness and Joy Two Hands at a Time!” on its Kickstarter funding page.

So what is this odd robotic being?

It’s essentially a very simplistic head and body with arms and wo huge hands that clap above its head.

The reason why the robot is so expensive? It took a whole lot of development to create, with a lot of research going into how to make the Big Clapper’s clapping sound as natural and humanlike as it possibly can be.

The company explored materials, ensuring the hands’ coating was like skin and flesh, the best angles for making a motivational noise and how hard and fast the hands should clap.

But Big Clapper isn’t just about the hands – it also has a robotic voice to offer chants and words to cheer you up too.

It can be used in more than 500 different scenarios, including conferences, events, dinners, toasts, birthday parties, sports events and more. It can also clap along with music with an iTunes integration.

Only 100 Big Clappers have been produced so far, with the developers behind it trying to raise funds for a commercial launch in the English-speaking world.

“At CES 2018, the world’s largest electronics trade show, we exhibited “BIG CLAPPER” and the response was overwhelming,” Masato Takahashi, Developer of the BIG Clapper said. “We truly believe in the universal appeal of “BIG CLAPPER” and its power to transcend borders and delight all people.”