As we head into the longest day of the year, robotics firm Solenica has developed a robot that will beam natural sunlight into the parts of your home that are dark and dingy, lifting your mood and making you feel happier about life.

Caia’s smart lighting robot will remember where you used it last to reflect light from outside, inside, ensuring you’ll never have a dark corner of your home again.

You can position Caia outside in the sunshine, or a sunnier part of your home and then aim the robot at the less bright part of your home and it will fill it with beautiful rays of sun.

Even if the opening in your home is tiny, such as a small window or a door with only a tiny piece of glass installed in it, Caia’s rays will be able to infiltrate and instantly bring in natural sunshine.

The best thing about Caia is it can start working straight away, with no installation or programming needed. Just leave it outside all year round (the design is completely weather-proof) and it’ll do the hard work for you.

It works by constantly measuring light intensity readings and once you point the robot’s sensor array, its algorithms works out how much light it needs to transmit in order to brighten the room. It will position its mirror exactly to the correct position autonomously, so you don’t need to do anything.

What’s even better is that Caia is solar-powered, so no wires are required to keep it going either. This also means it’ll never run out of battery because as long as there’s some daylight, the ‘bot’s low-energy consumption will mean it’s always on and always working.

“Caia is a smart natural lighting robot that brightens up your home with real sunlight, sending the sun where you need it most – all day long,” the company said. “Just set her in a sunny spot inside or out, point in the direction you want to light and Caia does the rest.”