Although there are plenty of coding robots designed to help teach children how to code, many are suitable for older children. However, the Codey Rocky has been created for kids from 6 years old.

The fun animal-like design, comprises a controller that doubles up as the robot’s face and ten electronic modules that can be coded using a graphical interface on a computer.

The package ships with more than 20 learning guides to help children create whatever game or application they fancy making using graphical programming or Python code for the more advanced users. For example, children can use Codey Rocky to control home appliances, get weather reports, race their Codey Rocky against their friends’ and more.

It supports a range of AI functionality including voice and face recognition and mood sensing technologies to bring the robot to life.

Not only does Codey Rocky teach children what code is, how it works and how to create a programme, it also offers learning about logical thinking – helping kids learn how to solve problems and what AI and the IoT is, making them much more aware of the world around them.

MakeBlock’s mBlock 5 programming software is based on MIT’s graphical programming language Scratch 3.0, which is not only error-free, but it also makes it so much simpler to create advanced functions. When the child has learned how to use mBlock, they can opt to transform it into the Python language to teach children how graphical interfaces and Python can work together.

MakeBlock, the company behind Codey Rocky has so far raised £78,538 in its Kickstarter campaign, surpassing its target of £74,710 with 39 days still to go until the campaign ends. It’s offering backers to get their hands on Codey Rocky from $49, making it a very affordable learning tool for schools as well as parents that want to encourage their childrens’ STEM skills.