Although there are plenty of robots that will do whatever you programme them to do, such as battling with other robots, demonstrating their sophistication by scuttling across a desk like and insect or taking onboard a whole host of other commands, Creoqode Nova is different.

It’s a DIY AI robot, meaning it’ll learn as you teach it new skills rather than taking its commands from the information you programme into it.

Nova’s modules are super-smart, identifying facial features, identifying colours and measuring distances to the tiniest error rate. IT can also move around using its 5-point axis, or you can use the bundled joystick to control it instead.

So Creoqode Nova does look rather creepy – like a half-finished face, with its dual cameras attached to the eye socket, while the other eye is present and correct

It’s compatible with Arduino software and can be programmed using the microcomputer. It’s connected with the servo motors and development board with Nova Servo Shield.

Whether you use a Mac, Windows or Linux computer, you can programme Nova with the Arduino Software & Processing (IDE). It’s super-simple to use and Creoquode thinks you’ll be up and running in just a few hours.

“As Creoqode, our aim is to bridge the gap between hardware and software education,” the company said. “Prior to getting into coding, we want our users to understand the working principles and hardware fundamentals of a device by building it. A good balance between hardware and software knowledge provides a comprehensive understanding about devices.

“Nova has been developed with this ideology in mind, offering an exciting opportunity for users to improve their hardware and coding skills by building and programming an artificial intelligence robot.”

The company has surpassed its goal of £20,000 on Kickstarter, raising £25,000 at the time of writing, with 20 days still to go on the fundraising campaign.