Disney has debuted its newest connected creature VertiGo, which is a printed robot gifted with the talents of being able to climb walls.

The 3D printed critter is ultra lightweight, allowing it to scale the walls with agility. Its design comprises four wheels and two propellers that can tilt to ensure VertiGo is in the optimal position to climb up vertical heights and avoid lumps and bumps.

One pair of its robust wheels can move in all directions, controlled by an infrared controller (although we’re hoping this will be replaced with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected smartphone) and suitable for all terrains – whether they’re horizontal or vertical.

A video released by Disney shows VertiGo seamlessly riding across grass as well as flatter and smoother services, with its lighteight chassis ensuring it doesn’t flip over or get stuck in a rut.

The robot was created in collaboration with engineering, science, technology, maths and management university ETH Zurich, but there are currently no plans to launch it as a commercial product in future.

“VertiGo is a prototype, and there is no plan for a production version for the public at the moment,” Dr Paul Beardsley of Disney Research Zurich told Mashable. “The robot has potential use in entertainment, such as providing visual effects. But it’s also a general technology for locomotion on walls with possible other uses such as industrial inspection.”