If you’re fed up of having to play music alone, the Cabot robot has been produced to be your perfect jamming companion.

The robot, developed by Japanese robotics fans who were fed up of playing music without companions to join in.

“The Cabot percussion robot was born in the mind of Hide, director of the Cabot development team (and guitar player/singer), “ the team explained on its Kickstarter page. ““I wanted to create a product that would rev up my solo performance.”

“He assembled a team of various engineers and bounced ideas off of other musicians leading to the steady improvement of the prototype.”

Cabot (presumably so-called because it’s actually a robotic Cajon), will add that extra beat to your tunes.

It attaches to a Cajon and its three little arms bang out a beat so you can play alongside it without having to enlist the help of a drummer.

It’s controlled via smartphone – just tell it what you want to play and away it’ll bash, providing the perfect base track for you to play with, whether you’re a guitarist, singer, violinist, bass player or any other type if musician.

You can control the rhythm with a footswitch and create your own beats on the app. These can be shared with other Cabot users too.

Cabot is running a campaign on Kickstarter to get the little robot produced commercially. Prices start from £481 if you want to be one of the first to buy the equipment, although the retail price will probably be at least double that.

The company is also selling the Cabot in a package with a handmade Cajon, developed by one of the instrument’s Japanese masters.