Spanish developer and engineer Salvador has launched a campaign to finance his 3D printed robot Emme on Kickstarter, merging the worlds of 3D printed toys and technology to create a wireless robot.

Emme is available in two iterations – either as a ready-assembled robot or as a 3D printable kit, comprising all the parts you’ll need to make a multifunctional robot, just without the chassis.

Emme can become whatever the user would like it to be. They can choose the 3D designs for many parts of the robot, or, because it’s an open source project they can design their own too. The design is modular with parts able to be replaced or reassembled in a few seconds.

The robot is not only a fun way to learn robotics, it is also a flexible piece of kit, operating in any kind of environment including sand, snow, water in fields or the city.

It doesn’t need any connections or wires, with integrated Wi-Fi, RGB lights and GPS, which allows you to plan Emme’s route in advance. Emme is controlled via remote control with three axes of movement and can speed along at either high or low speed depending on its duties for the day.

Emme’s camera module can record any of its many activities by attaching the camera module. It can also be used to take dramatic selfies, amazing landscape pictures or full 360-degree panoramic shots.

The 360-degree selfie kit is available from €25, which will get you the DIY kit and license to make the 360-degree selfie model with the 3D printing files, the electronics diagrams, the firmware, the bill of material (BOM) and a DIY manual.

You can add on other modules such as an electronics starter kit for an extra €25 to your pledge. Another €50 will get the 3D printed parts, while €125 includes the full electronics and a BLCD Motor.

The fully assembled robot is available by pledging €175 or more. From €625, pledgers can have an educational pack including 12 maker licenses. The licenses can be used by Emme users to transfer their knowledge and teach other people the processes behind 3D printing.