If you have trouble keeping houseplants alive, let alone creating your own kitchen garden, GardenSpace has developed a robot that could change all that.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help you transform your garden into an allotment, guiding you through the steps you need to start being self-sufficient.

It comprises what looks like a large metal surface flower on a spike that you sink into the soil.

Hook your hose up and not only will it water your crops when they need a drink, it’ll also sense if anything’s trying to eat or destroy your plants and spray them with water to defer them – especially handy if foxes or cats are your garden’s downfall.

A 360-degree camera means you can keep an eye on your plants whenever you like, making sure they’re growing nicely, even if the weather outside is a little too sketchy for you to venture out.

“The idea for GardenSpace came about wanting to make it easier for people to grow food at home. Growing at home is great for people’s health but also the environment. We have taken technology from ag-research and combined it with useful automation to help the backyard growers.”

Using solar power to operate, GardenSpace connects to your smartphone so you can make sure your plants are healthy.

The app will give you advice on how to space your plants and how to care for each type of crop – the perfect beginner gardeners growing companion. It’ll also measure other types of data, including each plant’s health data like chlorophyll levels and temperature of the plant and the soil.

GardenSpace will spray up to 100sqft too, with a radius of 6ft, meaning coverage is pretty good for most vegetable patches. The company recommends you place it in the middle of the garden for maximum effect.

GardenSpace costs $249 (£190) if you buy it while the Kickstarter is running, otherwise you can expect to pay around £400 when it comes onto the market in October next year.

The company has managed to raise $10,000 above its target of $25,000 so far and it still has over a month to run.