If you work at a desk day in, day out, it can have a really bad impact on your spine and muscles, even if you’re mindful and try and stand up and walk around as much as you can while working.

Even if you use a standing desk, which is supposed to be better for posture, sometimes, you might be so engrossed in your work, you need a little prompt to get you away from the chains of your workspace, or even just to flex your back and correct your posture.

Giiro has been developed to do exactly that – remind you to move when your posture isn’t as good as it could be and give you tips to correct it to have a much better impact on your spine and other muscles used to stand at a desk and work.

The desk posture coach connects to a whopping 600 sensors embedded into a mat you’re required to stand on, measuring 1,204 levels of pressure underneath your feet. It’ll copy your posture based on the data it takes from your body, prompting you to move accordingly.

It uses Amazon Alexa to communicate with you and all the data is sent to your device so you can track your movements if you want to see how your posture has changed throughout the day. For example, towards the end of the day your posture may have got worse or you might just want to check out why a particular part of your body is aching the next day.

Giiro also shows you how your eyes are angled according to your posture, so if you’re not standing straight, it could cause eyestrain as well as muscle strain for the rest of your body.

Giiro is running a campaign on Kickstarter to raise £15,000 and it’s so far reached a third of its goal with a month to run.