Although robot are pretty much taking over the world, whether we’re talking social robots, production line robots or medical robots, China-based robotics firm GJS Robot wants to make robots fun again.

The company is changing its strategy a little and is taking aim at the toy robot market with the launch of a new gaming robot due to launch next year.

Arriving off the back of its Ganker fighting robot and GEIO, which launched last year to bring first person shooter gaming to the masses, the company is now developing a third robot that will improve the gameplay of GEIO.

“We positioned ourselves in the entertainment robot market because we wanted to come back to the most primal demand of consumption, which is fun,” said Li Zhaohong, co-founder and chief technology officer of GJS Robot. “Robots don’t always have to be this grand concept that serves people or cures diseases.”

However, he added that although there has been some interest from the Chinese market, the majority of enquiries actually come from the international market and that’s why it’s so important GJS Robot keeps evolving its core robot to make sure it’s living up to expectations. In fact, the robots have proven most popular in the US, with 30% of sales originating from China.

The company is also working on the launch of educational robots at the than just hobbyist automations. Although they’ll have the core components of the Ganker robot, they will be tweaked to better suit education, the company explained. They will teach children how to code by developing their own games for the robot.

GJS Robot has also received a substantial amount of series A fundraising from Chinese internet giant Tencent after a successful angel round backed by Unity Ventures and pre-series A round supported by Volcanics Venture.