Zero Zero Robotics has developed the Hover Camera drone that can take high resolution photos and make 4K video using artificial intelligence data.

Just throw the flying machine into the air and it will start flying round, trying to find a face to photograph or record. It will work this out by using advanced facial recognition and combine the information with other sensors on the drone’s base to make sure it remains steady at all times.

There’s also added stabilisation built into the recording software, meaning it will hopefully shoot smooth footage, unspoilt by the vibrations of the drone as it flies around.

It can take 360-degree photos by spinning around on a single axis and it will take these pictures in high quality, thanks to the 13-megapixel camera sensor onboard.

Hover Camera is made from rubberised carbon fibre, making it super-light and it can also withstand any accidents thanks to its rigid structure.

This may be Zero Zero Robotics’ first foray into the drone scene, but it won’t be the last, one of the company’s founders MQ Wang told ZDNet in an interview.

“We want to build personal robotics for everyone,” said Wang, “and this is just a first step.”

The primary aim of Hover Camera, he explained, was to develop a drone that didn’t have to rely on human control to work. He was inspired by the work of Jon Muir who filmed his experiences walking 1600 miles alone across Australia. However, the explorer had to keep re-tracing his steps to capture everything and Wang wanted to recreate this using machine learning and AI.

The final version of Hover Camera will be released later this summer, although specifics on pricing and availability in the UK haven’t yet been revealed.