Jibo was due to be launched last year, but at the last minute, the company decided to make some changes to the social robot and that’s delayed distribution.

However, it seems the tweaks have made it a much more engaging experience and there’s no surprise it raised $3.7m (£2.54m) on Indiegogo in 2014 (extending the campaign last year) to get the critter into production.

Jibo is being marketed as a social robot. It uses algorithms to learn everything about you so it can react naturally to your actions.

His uses will adapt according to your life and it will use various tools at its disposal to learn about you, including two high-resolution cameras that can recognise and track faces, plus its 360-degree microphones that can process language like a human.

He’s your personal assistant, addressing your every need to make your busy life easier and he communicates with you like a real person so he can get to know your better. You are his master and he will do whatever he can to serve you.

For example, Jibo will remind you of appointments and other tasks you need to complete. He knows when someone is posing for a picture and will trigger his camera to make sure you get the perfect shot. He recognises everyone in your house via facial recognition and will make sure each person is treated differently, according to their needs – whether that’s delivering messages or reminding them they have a doctor’s appointment.

The robot is for everyone, including adults, children, the elderly and teenagers who want to share their Jibo content with their friends via the Jibo Toolkit.

With an SDK available for developers, anyone can create new features for Jibo and sell them on the Jibo Store, meaning the opportunities are almost endless.