Kitables is due to start shipping its Lego-inspired DIY drone in April 2017, after raising a whopping $40,000 in its crowdfunding campaign.

There are a range of kits to choose from, including the DIY Mini Lego Drone Kit, a quadcopter, which includes a lego frame pack, a receiver board, 1 controller, 1 Lipo battery and charging cable, plus a propeller set to get your drone off the ground. That’s available for $50.

There’s also the no-solder kit, which is half the price at $25. That “mystery box” promises to be “crafty and tech-y”, but it’s not revealed what the object will actually be.

The third option is the Lego Wiggle Bot Kit, which comprises body parts, vibrating motors, 2 battery holders and batteries, 1 switch and moldable glue to make whatever you like. Let your brain run free with this super-creative gadget!

There’s also the option to pick up the limited edition version of Kitables’ drone kit, including a metallic-coloured lego kit and the same pieces as the standard mini drone kit.

“Many of you probably want to be a person who builds “things” but don’t know where to begin,” the company explained. “Our kits offer an all-around better building experience that challenges both novice and experienced users! Our goal: make DIY projects accessible for everyone.”

Each of the kits comes with  set of instructions in the box, but obviously, you can ignore those and let your creativity run wild if you wish.

You can snap up any of these kits on Kitables’ Kickstarter page, or head to the company’s website to find out more about its full range of DIY robots and electronic devices (including chargers, a Bluetooth speaker and night light).