Little Robot Friends has announced it’s working on a completely new iteration of the customisable Arduino robots, due to launch by the end of the year.

The company released and shipped the customisable Arduino robots last year after a super-successful Kickstarter campaign, and although things went all quiet for a while, it’s because the company is working on a new, improved version.

Little Robot Friends are tiny robots that can be coded by their keeper, making it exciting to code and create a robot of their very own. The robots were available as a make-your-own electronics kit, encouraging budding engineers to make their own from scratch or a fully-assembled robot that just needs the Hacker Dock accessory to re-programme them.

“For the past year and half we’ve been quietly working hard to design a new version of Little Robot Friends,” the company annouced on its website.

“We have received overwhelming amount of support and really great feedback from people who have adopted Little Robot Friends into their home, and there are some features that we wanted to improve (to have rechargeable battery and built-in USB support, for example). ”

The company will also be making changes to the way Little Robot Friends are made, hopefully making it more efficient so they can make more in less time. Although the company launched a new campaign on Kickstarter, it has now decided to cancel it and re-launch the funding when all theissues have been ironed out.

“Currently we’re planning some initial play tests and workshops with our local maker communities in Toronto, before relaunching a crowdfunding campaign later this summer,” the company continued.