Spinmaster has revealed one of the lifelike dolls we’ve ever seen and it’s powered by AI, learning what its owner likes and dislikes, making it a worthy companion for any child.

Luvabella does everything you’d expect a human baby to. She’ll react when you hold a spoon to her mouth, either taking a bite or turning her head away and will laugh if you tickle her feet. If you’re playing peekaboo (she’ll know when you want to play as soon as you cover her eyes), she’ll get upset if you cover her eyes for too long.

Luvabella will also learn how a child wants to play with her. For example, if the owner always wants to play with her toy lamb for example, she will get to know that and want to play more. If she’s falling asleep and there’s a loud noise, she’ll wake up, just like a real baby.

The doll will also talk and grunt. And the more you talk to her, the more she’ll learn. Her eyes, arms, head and lips all move in harmony to give her lifelike expressions and she can laugh, blink and cry.

What’s reassuring for parents is Luvabella is a completely disconnected toy, with no app interactivity, making her safe to use without the fear she’ll be hacked.

The majority of dolls that have realistic features only focus on one behaviour like crying or eating. The Luvabella Doll can do many things a human baby can do. Its responding is also constant.

Luvabella will be available for £99.99 from Argos and Amazon in August, although other retailers such as Smyths toys may stock her too.