The MOAI robot really does prove that yes, anything can be automated. The robot, which has raised $154,000 on Indiegogo and is still onsale on the crowdfunding network is a genius idea though.

One of the worst jobs around has to be cleaning out a fish tank. Not only does it usually smell, turns your hands into ice cubes and is generally laborious, the effort of chasing your fish around their tank as you try to extract them is just ridiculous.

Although MOAI doesn’t remove the need to clean the fish tank ever, it will cut down the regularity you need to carry out the horrible task by scheduling a daily or weekly clean, depending on how dirty your tank is.

It uses an ultrasound navigation system to work out where it’s cleaned and where it still needs to venture and then returns to its dock when it’s finished.

Not only does MOAI clean your tank, but it’s also a camera, allowing yo to check in with your fish whenever you feel the need. You can keep tabs on the environment via an app on your phone, create time lapse videos to share with friends in HD and bookmark your favourite fish tank positions to keep returning to for the best shots.

“MOAI takes your aquarium to next level by adding a robot helps keep your fishtank clean, while also allowing users to capture and share aquarium wonders with friends,” the company said on its funding page.

“You can’t always be around to see what’s happening in your aquarium. With MOAI, you don’t have to be. Just connect it to home WiFi and explore your tank live in beautiful HD.”

It’ll come as no surprise the hear that MOAI is a Chinese company, based in Shenzhen (because after all, all the most imaginative innovations originate from Asia.